BFLECHA: Tribes, cosmos and sound mutations

By Belén Vidal. April 26, 2013


If there is anything that distinguishes the Feria de Los Libros Mutantes it is its interdisciplinary nature. Aside from providing Mutant Perspectives offered by professionals in the alternative publishing world, it also organises concerts. The music project BFlecha shares the fair’s outsider spirit and at its helm is the Galician producer Belén Vidal. She will be taking part in this year’s edition after launching in 2012 her latest album, ‘Qvasi Naves’, which was released by Arkestra (a collective that is also a record label). We welcome BFlecha with open arms on the pages of visualMAG as it presents its ideal soundtrack to listen to while reading some good mutant books.

Sun Ra with June Tyson - ‘Walkin' on the Moon’

If there is a God on this Earth, it would be Sun Ra and his kingdom is infinite in the cosmos. Here is a song with June Tyson.

Wendy Carlos - ‘Sea Of Simulation’

One of my favourite composers, responsible for the soundtracks to A Clockwork Orange and The Shining for example. An expert in taking lunar geography to digital landscapes. This is a song from the soundtrack to the film Tron, from 1982.

Mwëslee - ‘Eurocarne’

My colleague at Arkestra Discos, the best example of contemporary electronic music that hasn’t let go of its folkloric roots.

Savage Progress - ‘My Souls Unwarps Tonight’

My favourite song by Savage Progress, a pop song with synthesisers, tribal chants and pan pipes.

Busta Rhymes - ‘What’s It Gonna Be?!’ Feat. Janet Jackson

The future arrived in 1999 with this song and video by Busta Rhymes and Janet Jackson –one of my favourite artists.

Brandy - ‘Can We’

A record from 2002 –11 years ago already. A Darkchild and Brandy cocktail that was extremely advanced for the time.

Nona Hendryx - ‘Transformation’

A song by Nona Hendryx that talks about transformation, mutation...

Warp 9 - ‘Light Years Away’

Warp 9, who, already in the 80s, were light years ahead of us...

Metal & Ca - ‘Humano’

Proof that good music was made here and we still need to take a closer look at it.

T-Pain - ‘Chopped and Skrewed’

One of my favourite songs by T-Pain. It sounds as if Stevie Wonder mutated and turned into Beetlejuice.

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