BRYAN JOHN APPLEBY: organic music

January 20, 2012


Sometimes you have to travel far far away to find stories. Real stories. This time we head towards the northwest of that country made up of many small countries where we find Bryan John Appleby and his voice that speaks of brave women and birds without feathers. That speaks of prophets and gods that don’t exist, like a less tormented Allen Ginsberg.

His stories take us to a room with the piping in full view where he learned to stitch his songs from disturbing paintings and breaking objects. In this video by Sound On The Sound, Appleby talks about that strange and revealing house that helped him write the album.

BJA’s music is somewhat organic. It is born, it grows, it reproduces and it dies. The strings (specially, the strings) and the drum-heart beat that appears and disappears guide us through an album that’s like one of those books you can’t put down. Fire on the Vine is a plant from a foreign country; it’s a tale about absence, abandonment and frozen honey jars.

Sometimes, stories just find you.


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