CLARA NUBIOLA: Songs for ten Barcelonas

By Clara Nubiola | Intro: Teresa de Andrés. June 22, 2012


A city is never just one. A city is always made up of a handful of tiny cities that fit in a pocket, with at least two neighbourhoods, four blocks, eight streets and sixteen corners. It is inhabited by safari animals, erected with human shape, so dirty and elegant they fascinate and scare.

Clara Nubiola turns cities into drawings while she thinks how to fill the urban voids dressed up as a cartographer, as a flâneuse from the new century. She invites us to wander aimlessly with a guide without a guide: a guide of uncertain routes. The pages, flooded with illustrations, have the unmistakable scent of Wednesdays without a map and Mondays with coordinates.

She has given music to her city/ies, Barcelona/s.

For city walks I like silence in my ears.
Why? To listen to the street, the noise, the people, the conversations.
Then, later, I can draw those sounds.
I heard the woman at the marked shout her offers, the lorry breathe on the motorway and the typical old man complain about you and you and you while the dog barks. With music in my ears, it would be another drawing.
But I do like to imagine the soundtracks of the city's rhythm.
Here we would play, this would go well with this neighbourhood, this woman needs.
Today, my soundtrack for routes and Barcelonas.

(Clara Nubiola)

CALEXICO · The ballad of Cable Hogue* (for NOU BARRIS)
SIGUR ROS · Hoppippolla (for SANT MARTI)
JONHY CASH · I walk the line (for CIUTAT VELLA)
LOVE OF LESBIAN · Allí donde soliamos gritar (for GRACIA)
JOHAN SEBASTIAN BACH · Suites for cello, Suite nºo1 Prelude (for SANT ANDREU)
VENUS INFERS · Goodbye horses (for SARRIÀ - SANT GERVASI )
ESTRELLA MORENTE · En lo alto del cerro (for HORTA GUINARDO)
BEIRUT · My wife, lost in the world (for LES CORTS)
KEVIN JOHANSEN · Fin de fiesta (for SANTS MONTJUIC)   


* Song not available on Spotify.


Here you can listen to the playlist: Clara Nubiola

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