DOLORES: Dark Ballads

By Elia Maqueda. March 31, 2012


According to the Spanish Holy Week, yesterday was the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows (viernes de Dolores). A Friday of thorns and posthumous, pustular, pristine grief. Epic and synthetic veneers, a chorus that leads to the abyss. The lyrics written by Teresa Cobo stain the holy weeks with coal, voiceless screams and coloured crayons.

Listening to the sorrows of Dolores is like sliding down a rickety roller coaster in a 90s amusement park.

We leave you with their (borrowed) chosen tunes.

Dark Ballads
by Juan Rodríguez (bass player and composer of the music of Dolores)

Since they brand us a dark band, better give them something to talk. I’ve always had a special predilection for them. Yes, they are dark. And that’s why they are cool. Sexy. Moist. Hot. They are steamy, devious. Just like people. Like life itself...

Sonic Youth - Skink 
Cranes - Clear
The Soft Moon - Circles
Death In Vegas - Soul Auctioneer
PJ Harvey - Working For the Man
Suuns - Gaze
Angelo Badalamenti (Fire Walk With Me Soundtrack) - The Pink Room
Moon Duo - Motorcycle I Love You
Indómitos - Bicho Raro
Singapore Sling - Martian Arts
Horrid Red - Tragic Image
Lower Dens - Plastic & Powder
Slint - Good Morning Captain
Pulp - This Is Hardcore
KXP - Labyrinth


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