ERES LO MÁS. TÚ MÁS: Songs to change a world

By Teresa de Andrés. June 15, 2012


Eres lo más. Tú más. are María and Karen. Karen and María. They design four-handed like crazy on computers and notebooks while they try to change the world smiling from ear to ear. Not only they challenge the logic of the grey economy with their great exchange system but they also say to the top of their voices that after a full stop you don’t necessarily need a capital letter. And if that wasn’t enough, they even have time to be the fantastic inventors that have put their skin, heart and nails in designing visualMAG.

Since we like to imagine that if they could they would dance throughout every single meeting, we've asked them to create a mixtape with songs to be the best in parties, fairs and time travelling.


Today this is what I would listen to on my iPhone in repeat mode until I ran out of battery. So this list would not be valid tomorrow or yesterday.

1. Nightcall by Kavinsky - Because it is part of one of the best films from 2011, because I feel like dancing when I listen to it and it reminds me of Ryan Gosling, and just for that it deserves to be here.


2. Summertime Sadness by Lana del Rey - Today’s indie muse couldn’t be left out, and not only because everything in her amuses me, but because she has a great album and those who think otherwise haven’t listened to the album from beginning to end. I say.


3. The Police and the Private by Metric - Because it is one of my favourite bands and I think that they are unfairly unknown.


4. Pilot by Notwist - A 10-year old song that sounds as if it had been composed tomorrow. So for being timeless and beautiful, here it is.


5. Assembly by Elephant - It’s not only about remembering those who have already reached success, so here is my support to those who are starting: because they are young, handsome and I wish I was 16 again to dance to this song in my room.



Five songs you can sing to the top of your voice out of the car’s window and that have that “I don’t know what” that makes me never grow tired of them.

6. Canción de odio by Comando 9mm - The first Comando song I listened to. The first in the list of songs I would like to cover if I had a girl punk band. Because Manolo Uvi is as romantic as I am.


7. Ataque preventivo de la U.R.S.S by Polanski y El Ardor - A hymn, pure inspiration for all the rest. "Oh, no, no, no, no tengo novia y no me mola el pacto de Varsovia" (Oh, no, no, no, I don’t have a girlfriend and I don’t like the Warsaw Pact).


8. Agerul by Fiera - You don’t know very well what they are or what they sound like, but you only have to listen to Agerul to realise that "lo que tú tienes no son agujas, tú lo que tienes son puñales" (you don’t have needles, what you have are daggers) is a sentence you want to keep for yourself.


9. Te vas con cualquiera* by Novedades Carminha - Because it is true.


10. Traga, mastica, vomita by Juanita y los feos - This year I have seen them live more times than any other band and this is the star song of my Madrid-Santander car trips. The Castilian steppe seems different if you yell out of the window "eres guapa pero eres estúpida" (you are pretty but you are stupid).


* You leave with anybody 

Here you can listen to the playlist: Eres lo más. Tú más

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