February 17, 2012


A healthy dose of pain is the second album released by this Greek musician settled in Barcelona, in which he displays his imaginary in a project he, one day, decided to call Evripidis and his tragedies. To tell the truth, Evripidis Sabatis’ tragedies are less cathartic than those on the academic dictionaries. His message boils down to a simple idea: to smile in the face of adversity and, at least, to write songs telling our own take on the story.

And that is what he does, he who was born where words were invented. From an amphitheatre where a choir of female voices cover his back while his fingers press the black keys (the sad ones) of our ears, since all compositions come from a piano as the primary instrument. Evripidis confesses that he always cries at weddings and sings about tsunamis and families and friends that are far away, in a city that is burning as we speak.

In these times of Mediterranean restlessness, it is best to leave the wounds sting and open our ears to the light of pianos and hyper-melodic music.

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