HYPERPOTAMUS: And The Voice Became Orchestra

By Teresa de Andrés. March 2, 2012


Sometimes a single man is more powerful than an entire army. A man with throat, extremities and vocal chords amplified through a superlative prefix. Hyperpotamus is Jorge Ramírez-Escudero’s music project, a London-based one-man-voice-orchestra with Spanish passport but born in Tokyo and raised between London, Brussels and Santiago de Chile. A few years ago and after a decade performing in several bands behind pianos and drums, he decided to throw himself into the DIY of music and create a whole choral just by himself; he was sure about it: "no one will do anything better than you".

With only two albums Delta (El Molino, 2012) and Largo Bailón (2009), Hyperpotamus has managed to halt the world and spin it with his tours, on a stage or on a terrace, creating songs of perfect rhythms from samples, loops and atmospheric vocals. Diving into Seahorse for Dragon, Dinamo Dominó or In the Time we feel how the blood starts to pump rhythmically through our veins and arteries, and words and objects and everything in the world becomes an instrument. Meanwhile, he dances, sings, gestures and breathes next to a pair of microphones and a loop pedal.

Hyperpotamus’ almost mystical music seems to say that, sometimes, the only option left is to create new words.

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