IN-SONORA: Music for the Contemporary

By Pablo Medel. March 24, 2012


Of all the possible expressions of the art of today (and it would be an audacity to try to list them all because maybe they don’t exist and because contemporaneity, by definition, is in perpetual change) one of the most interesting and controversial is, without doubt, music. Now that we have overcome the dichotomy between sound and noise (physics sets the limit of hearing comfort at 65 dB), the new proposals in contemporary music are, sensu stricto, a true breath of fresh air. The two basic concepts of musical theory (harmony and counterpoint) are called into question when speech goes on stage. But don’t let anybody mislead or, even less, lecture you; it is best to experiment it by yourself. And those of us in Madrid this spring are lucky: until the 29th of April, we can enjoy the 7th Show on Sound and Interactive ArtIN-SONORA.

From the variety of proposals and formats taking part in this seventh edition, a good starting point is to listen to the work of the Valencia-based creators La Orquesta Mundana. Under the baton of Itziar Markijana, this multidisciplinary collective shows its original project of experimental music where improvisation, stage and performance will prove that music is not only the well known combination of harmony and melodies or the popular Manichaeism of musical aesthetics; but what if this was a game with rules that are decided as it is played?

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