LE PARODY: Electric Folk

February 3, 2012


Epic emotions can come from several places at the same time, like lava escaping from the cracks in the Earth; urgently, fluently, shamelessly. Le Parody has a strange accent, halfway between California and the Mediterranean. Her music is electronic and also folk. And traditional. She reinvents Andalusian songs about girls who throw coins into fountains, but she places them –oh– next to an airport. Le Parody combines languages and noises. Le Parody is tip toe, is a geyser in a neighbourhood in Madrid.

Almost everything has been said about electronic music. Fused ad infinitum, it has even been discussed in international summits by experts wearing dark sunglasses. But, sometimes, samples settle down in the stomach with ukeleles and accordions; it is then, at that precise moment, when the elevators are brought to a halt and we all stop to listen to the digital rhythms, the remixed languages, the screams between beats.

Sole Parody is poly-instrumentalist and plays with the multi-musician Gonzalo R. Checa. On 1/11/11 she launched Párala Vértigo, an EP produced by César Berzal which can be downloaded for free from her bandcamp. She also writes, dances and writes again.

Long live scandals, plasticity and deferred delay.


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