MEDELIA: Naming non-places

By Teresa de Andrés. April 14, 2012


Close to Yoknapatawpha there is an airport, a motorway with ends that meet like a Möbius band, a roadside tavern and a shopping centre covered with shinning surfaces. Nearby there are also music stores and cinemas that close down or change their names for a logo that says nothing and never spins, not even when it’s windy –oh, that wind. Close, in here, the first chords of the first song played on the radio start and this doctor’s waiting room suddenly seems like the American New West. We listen to Medelia. We listen to Elia and Pablo, Pablo and Elia, with their guitars and voices and prophetic lyrics.

Duo or band –"If we play on our own we are a duo. When we are all together on the stage, we are a band”–, they recorded a few months ago their first LP, Non-places, which they have been giving away as song-drops every Tuesday for twelve weeks on their bandcamp page. Or, in other words, forty five minutes stretched in one hundred and twenty thousand nine hundred and sixty (12x7x24x60). A brave challenge to the logic of quick consumption forced upon us by the Internet. Row to hoe, Queen of clubs, Chanson d’Hiver, Travelling Circus Serenade... Each one escorted by a design made by a friend artist, photographer or illustrator. Medelia’s album is full of Cyclops, lions and Siamese acrobats playing the harmonica. An album full of indispensable lyrics that work as certainties although they are –we’ll just have to accept it– no more than a bunch of questions.

While the earth shakes, without name, under our feet, we will carry on peacefully walking down this dusty road that ends in Yoknapatawpha.

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