PRIMAVERA SOUND '12: Headliners

By Teresa de Andrés. June 3, 2012


I’ve always found funny the word “headliner”, so often used in music festivals. I find it funny because it’s as if –in some way– they were saying that all the other parts of the body aren’t as important. And that, in music, is nothing but curious. Not because this is a practice in which the head is essential –to listen to it but also to compose and play. I say it is nothing but curious because music wouldn’t be anything without the other parts of the body. That is why I would like a line-up that, on top of heads, also had legs, hands, hips and feet. And hearts and tongues and pancreas. It would make me very happy to witness a brilliant revolution in the use of words. Because by using them so much they sometimes wear out.

We say goodbye to this edition of the Primavera Sound Festival with a playlist of the less-known bands. Those that, without being “headliners”, get you out of bed and make you undergo the torture of sitting under the 5 o’clock sun on a June Saturday, voluntarily and with pleasure. And make it worth it.

Here is our personal line-up, made of lips, eyes, stomachs and blood; a lot of blood.

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