PRIMAVERA SOUND 2012: playlist for crossing a country

By Teresa de Andrés. May 27, 2012


Words wouldn’t exist if the reality they name didn’t exist beforehand. The official Spring started almost at the start of everything –in 1780– when one could still trust that every three months the intensity of sunlight would change, together with the composition of nimbus, cumulonimbus, cirrus and stratus clouds. Four words were needed to name the four seasons. The Societas Meteorologica Palatina was in charge of the terms that today drive lifts, news bulletins and mobile phones. But the economics of language is cruel: summer comes so fast that spring will end up disappearing completely in a few years, leaving calendars –and many terrible songs– filled with silences and empty gaps. That is why we especially like the name of the most desired festival in this our territory, half burnt and half made. Primavera, the season, and Sound, the music.

This is a playlist of the bands that will make us melt this week in Barcelona and which resound now loudly in our heads while we pack and start making gazpacho and ensaladilla to cross the Monegros desert. Primavera Sound, here we come.


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