By Antonio Luque. March 13, 2013


What do Museo Cerralbo and Sr. Chinarro have in common? Two things: their involvement in art –each in their own way– and a concert by Antonio Luque, the man behind Sr. Chinarro, which will take place at the museum. This concert is part of the 'A Las Veinte Cero Cero' series –a sequence of events taking place in Museo Cerralbo and Museo del Romanticismo which the public can access for free with a much sought-after invitation. Amongst others, artists such as La Bien Querida, Nine Stories and Remate have already taken to the stage in the original version of this event. The nineteenth century auditorium and dance hall in these two emblematic and atypical –although not entirely distant from pop music– museums will form the backdrop for this concert.

In the case of Sr. Chinarro, his concert also coincides with the release of a new album, 
'Enhorabuena A Los Cuatro', a metaphor about long-distance relationships. At a rate of one album per year, Antonio Luque, who has also published his first novel, seems to subscribe to the 'Bukowskian' maxim of "shout when you get burned" and prefers to let it all out. In the era of information overload, he has decided to combat the system from within: "It’s my job to make albums. I release them and that way people can choose the songs they like best".

And that is what he has done for visualMAG –created a small playlist with some of the songs he loves.

'Track Number 8' - Sun Kil Moon

I didn’t know that Kozelek had released an album in 2012. J played it for me and we couldn’t stop laughing (to keep from crying) at the lyrics.

'Riding For The Feeling' - Bill Callahan

One of my favourite songs by Callahan, in other words: one of my all-time favourites.

'Don't Stare At The Sun' - Richard Hawley

I don’t like the new album as much as his previous records. I think whoever added effects to his voice should be banished from the U.K. but this song and some others are nevertheless fantastic.

'Curly Teeth' - Micachu And The Shapes

I prefer the live version that Oswaldo showed me on YouTube. The girl hitting the old guitar strings with a pin, the dented tin…Youth has all the answers.

'Buried Alive' - Cass McCombs

A few months after releasing this album, good old Cass had to bring out another livelier one. People are stupid. It’s the best album by this guy, the real replacement for The Smiths (and yet nobody sees it).

'The Hours' - Beach House

It’s weird to go crazy for a concert performed by a group you don’t know at all. That happened to me with Beach House’s show at Primavera Sound Festival. She is a goddess. He is a prophet. And the drummer sets the beat, as he should.

'What's In It For?' - Avi Buffalo

So incredibly young –I watched the video and I couldn’t believe it. I would have liked to have been like them. Let’s see if I can encourage my son to follow their example!

'Me And My Shadow' - M. Ward

An example of how the classic and the new are never very far apart.

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