By La Familia del Árbol. February 1, 2013


GQ magazine calls La Familia del Árbol ' "the great Spanish folk-pop promise". The group - a product of Nacho and Pilar’s creative vision - began life in a living room in Elche. Since then it has managed to forge a path for itself with songs reminiscent of bands like Fleet Foxes or Iron & Wine. The group’s first songs even earned them 2nd place in Festival Internacional de Benicàssim’s Proyecto Demo (a demo competition for new Spanish bands), the nomination for Best Newcomer at Premios de la Música Independiente (the Spanish Independent Music Awards), and the rite of passage to play at festivals like Contempopránea. This is one ‘family tree’ that is set to spread its branches far and wide.

'Northern Sky' - Nick Drake

We'll start off with a masterpiece, music that is magical and a classic as far as we're concerned.


'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore' - The Walker Brothers

A tremendous song by Scott Walker, just amazing. That chorus is enough to shine a light down from the heavens even if they think, 'the sun ain't gonna shine anymore'!

'The Only Living Boy In New York' - Simon & Garfunkel

I always put Simon & Garfunkel on before breakfast on a Sunday. They fill our house with their melodies and those acoustic arpeggios.

'Silver Rider' - Low

Low is probably one of the best bands modern music has produced. Their songs are so beautiful that they really make you feel things and restore your faith in music being more than just copies, clichées and bad songs. This is Pilar's big weakness - 'music for the soul'.

'Forever' - The Beach Boys

We're real fans of The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson but this time I'm going to pay homage to his brother Dennis and the song Forever from the album Sunflower. They're the fathers of American pop music and quite simply the best.

'Yet Again' - Grizzly Bear

This is one of the current bands I connect with the most. I love their vision of sunny psychedelic pop. This is the single from their latest record, it's great.

'Eight Miles High' - The Byrds

My beloved Byrds - West Coast sound and exquisite harmonies. They've been with me since I was a boy, in my eyes they are the SUN.


'Bandits' - Midlake

This record was one of the first in the resurrection of indie folk around 2006. It sounds like Neil Young and CSN, a real gem.

'I'm A Cuckoo' - Belle & Sebastian

They're the winter sun, they remind us of walking through London and Liverpool and that special light that pervades UK when the sun is shining.

'Blue Ridge Mountains' - Fleet Foxes

This was our favourite record in 2008, we were recording demos at home and they played it for me in one of my hometown’s musical instrument shops. I fell in love with it instantly and then we all saw them rise to fame.

'The Tears Of A Clown'
- Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

The Motown sound is passionate and I refer back to it quite often because it illuminates my day. Thousands upon thousands of hits from all the greats - Marvin, Steve, Diana... Black music from that era is astounding.

'I Follow You'
- Melody´s Echo Chamber

A recent discovery. I'm caught up in this song and it seems like it fits perfectly with a more psychedelic vision of a sunny song. Interestingly, it’s produced by a member of Tame Impala – pretty impressive.

'Re Stacks' - Bon Iver

They’re known as the mainstream in folk music. I think For Emma is a lovely record and the fact that it's the closing song on the album is proof of that.

'Cerca De Las Estrellas' - Los Pekenikes

A hidden gem of Spanish music from the sixties, made with class and good taste by a great group. "Buscaré otro mundo lejos del sol en las estrellas..." ("I’ll look for another world far from the sun amongst the stars…").

*If you prefer, you can also listen to the full playlist on Spotify.

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