The last 10 albums played in the van of Ainara LeGardon & Band

By Elia Maqueda. July 9, 2012


When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of having a van. I don’t think I've ever again wanted something so much.

As it happens, there are some strange beings who travel the whole length of the first-world countries in a van; those strange beings are musicians, whose instruments are so roughly handled by airlines and ocean storms. Musicians are those who travel with the music at full blast and the heart squeezed between their premolars. That’s what Ainara LeGardon; does; she, who could have been born in the most elegant motel of the Rocky Mountains; who could have lived in the forties to be then reincarnated in the nineties; she, who breaks down the chords with her voice and her fingers like nobody else. Today, she opens for us the doors and ears of her van.

Music to travel with, music to sing, music to clap after each song.
(Our number one, an album we are eagerly waiting for the UNESCO to consider World Cultural Heritage):

Ainara LeGardon

1.  The Posies - Frosting on the beater*
2. Neil Young - On the beach
3. Love - Forever changes
4. PJ Harvey - Dry
5. REM - Green
6. The Cure - The head on the door
7. Pearl Jam - Ten
8. Soundgarden - Superunknown
9. The Doors - Waiting for the sun
10. Radio Futura - La Ley


*In addition to declaring this album World Heritage, from here we demand for it to be included in Spotify.

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