By Isabel Beldad. July 19, 2012


Listen to a song in the morning, hum it all day long trying to guess who's is it, manage to decipher the chorus-nebula in your memory, google it and voilà! Those are the discoveries that taste like true victory, something only the radio can achieve.

Far from killing the radio, the Internet has made it popular, especially music radio. We no longer talk about broadcasting stations or FM but about streaming and podcasts. The best part is that the radio-electric spectrum doesn't have limits anymore, we can listen to radio stations from anywhere in the world! And like this, exploring, we can arrive at a free radio station established in Melbourne, Australia: Radio Valerie, a radio project born with a truly DIY spirit. It gathered $ 700 through crowdfunding to buy some microphones and a computer, guided by their passion to create a radio and with the aim to become a meeting point between artists, musicians and record labels of the city.

Since you probably won’t have all the time in the world to find your favourite radio, we offer you a cross-border selection of some programs and broadcasting stations with an exquisite music selection:


Spanish radio for independent music that only broadcasts over the Internet. Amongst its many shows and podcasts we highlight our favourite: the weekly show HAO! with an excellent compilation of garage, rock, lo-fi and punk tunes in all their variations. From classics like The Wire or The Fall to emerging bands such as Arponera; with a special emphasis on the local scene with independent bands and labels, grassroots and DIYs. For example, a selection of singles by the small label Discos Humeantes.

This is a show by M’lady’records (Portland) hosted by Veronica Ortuño from Finally Punk, which guarantees a good selection of post-punk and Riot Grrrl tunes.

A weekly show of a pirate radio from Oviedo. More free radio, good pop and celestial clarions.

Radio station from the University of Toronto for independent music, in which you can listen to bands like Yeasayer, PJ Harvey, Bon Iver, St. Vincent, Black Lips, Los Campesinos!, Kate Bush... for up to ten hours of broadcasting. Joel Gibb was a DJ here before being part of The Hidden Cameras.

The mythical pirate radio from the US in which Daniel Johnston performed that legendary intervention from the West Virginia mental hospital in 1990. A call –that little has to envy to Orson Welles’ The War of the Worlds to the history of the radio– in which Daniel sang live through the phone, interviewed himself, parodied characters and took calls from listeners. Among them, a call from the man who would later film his documentary, Jeff Feuerzeig.

Streaming-only free music radio from Seattle. Its aim: to support local and unknown bands, field recordings, rescue legendary tunes… Like always –and all the more if we are talking about Seattle–: freeform and DIY.

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