Triángulo de Amor Bizarro Makes Us Get Down On Our Knees

By Rafa Mallo (Triángulo de Amor Bizarro). September 4, 2013


The quartet Triángulo de Amor Bizarro (Bizarre Love Triangle) makes us dance steadfast to the end, hypnotic, among a bunch of noises and sounds that landed from another planet in 2004, with the bullet song as an emblem and by the hand of dark souls. The Galician band, who crushes (un)intelligible noises from scenarios, videos and virtual spaces, launched their first album in 2007, later included among the best of the past decade by Rockdelux and Mondosonoro magazines. A myth was born from the ashes of another.

In 2011, Rolling Stone baptized Triángulo de Amor Bizarro as one of the 10 essential national rock bands of the moment and that same year they triumphed in the Independent Music Awards for Best Spanish Artist, Album of the Year, Rock Album and Live Performance. Since then they have been burning the stages of any club or festival that you can imagine. His third album, Victoria Mística, finally appeared this summer, full of honest and suggestive titles as Robo tu tiempo (I Steal Your Time), Enemígos del Espíritu (Enemies of the Spirit) and Ellas se burlaron de mi magia (They Made Fun of my Magic).

Today, Rafa Mallo recommends for visualMANIAC ten songs that stir us unexpectedly, making us getting down on our knees back to the origins and welcoming September as the month of blue beginnings.

Sugarcube - Yo la Tengo. I don't remember if I had started to play by then but the idea was certainly on our minds when we went to see them to O Monte do Gozo. When they played this song we all said: "I want to be like them".

La Era del Jabalí Blanco - Franco Battiato. In general and in this song in particular, Battiato takes you to a strange world, pagan and colonial.

En el Palo de un Polo - Mercromina. Bingo has probably been my favourite Spanish album ever.

Are You Going to Look After My Boys? - Ariel Pink*. The old stuff that Ariel Pink recorded at home on cassette, cutting and assembling everything and the drums performed by himself with his mouth.

Was Ist Ist - Einstürzende Neubauten. There was an epic concert of Neubauten in Gijón. Isa, Rodrigo and Zippo went and they asked me to go. I said no, bah, I'm busy. Now they always talk about that concert as one of the best they have seen in their lives. I can picture them listening to this and jumping like maniacs.

Do You Want to Dance - Beach Boys. They are great, vocally, musically and probably in every way you can imagine.

Lucifer Sam - Pink Floyd. Psychedelia made by Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett at their best period. The people that saw them on tour and then bought the LP say that it can't be compared to the original live performance. Anyway it sounds brilliant to me.

Planet Rock - Africa Bambaataa*. Megamix, melting pot, extreme danceability. Kraftwerk.

New Clothes for the New World - Disco Inferno. Rodrigo has just asked me to include it. So ask him.

Minusvalía - Astrud. Manolo is the tech pop Unamuno. Follow the Leader.


* These songs are not available on Spotify.

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