13 co-working spaces full of ideas

By Elia Maqueda. January 30, 2013


“Je ne suis jamais entré dans un bureau sans me demander comment m'en échapper.” Jacques Sternberg.

I can relate to the sentiment expressed in this Jacques Sternberg quote, which heads Laptop's mission statement. Until recently, I had never gone into a typical office without asking myself how I could escape from its four grey walls and hordes of tables, chairs and monitors. It used to be that going to work was like an act of undesired confinement lasting eight –sometimes ten, or even 12– hours during which your gaze was constantly drifting off to look out of the window in a bid to flee from all those long faces, pressing matters and critical emergencies.

Long gone are the days of eternal tube/train/car/bus journeys to work, that building you had to get to by a specific time and leave whenever you could manage. Alone. Things are different now. Lots of people have chosen jobs that offer more freedom. They’ve opted for collective, joint and cooperative work, and it’s all down to co-working. Those of us who co-work don't only share the same workspace, we also work together . This country (and by 'this' I mean Spain and any other like it) can only survive if people innovate, if people take action, and my voice doesn't quiver when making such a statement. To achieve this, we've come up with a way to join forces and hatch a master plan that helps us do away with all those old ideas. Concepts like set working days or working hours and the idea of a hierarchy are no good to us anymore. Our colleagues are professionals like us who we don't mind crossing paths with in the mornings, people we might even buy a coffee for and who we laugh with at lunchtimes. They’re hard-working and creative individuals prepared to fight against anything that binds us to the way things used to be - the kind of world that these 13 co-working spaces have no room for.

If we're going to change the world, why not start by getting together under the same roof? Only good things can come from these 13 idea-rich spaces.

1. Laptop, Paris.
2. Utopic_US, Madrid and Barcelona.
3. Teté Café Costura, Madrid.
4. ESDIP, Berlin.
5. Werkheim, Hamburg.
6. The HUB.
7. The Coop, Chicago.
8. Studio Banana, Madrid.
9. Mutinerie, París.
10. Projective, New York.
11. General Assembly.
12. Boven de Balie, Amsterdam
13. ADX, Portland.

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