ANTHM: Musical Democracy

By Elena Horrillo. March 7, 2012


That is Anthm’s starting-point. For this new app only available, for now, in the App Store, the idea is simple: to create collaborative playlists. Then, all you have to do is turn all that musical creation into a game in which everyone has something to say. Everybody can include songs and vote them adding or taking away points. And by everybody we mean everybody. If you create an open party, any person close to you can contribute in the list. So if your neighbour is a true admirer of The Pussycat Dolls, you better choose the private party option and protect it with a password, because the creator of the list cannot delete any song.

This, together with the fact that you can only listen to the songs in the playlist you have created but not the rest, are the most important drawbacks of this app, although, as its creators mention on their blog, they are studying solutions and its future version for Android and PC. On the other hand, the song catalogue is quite extensive because it works with Rdio’s library, so you will need register on this platform. And although Anthm is free, Rdio isn’t. Its price: 16.99 euros per month. If you pay you will have unlimited access to music on your phone and avoid the constant musical fluctuations of every party, where everybody wants to choose what to hear. Now, they can do it, although we won’t dare saying if it is a good or a bad thing. That’s democracy.

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