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BIOPHILIA: music cosmogonies

January 11, 2012


Biophilia brings an almighty Björk, with red hair and low gaze, that holds the universe in her hands like a demiurge about to create the future. The latest album of the hypnotic Icelandic, released last October, is one of the most promising musical and technological projects of 2011. A real cosmogony of moons, solstices, viruses and dark matter.

Biophilia doesn’t come in the shape of an album, but of an iPad  app, although it can also be found in other formats (but it is less complete). The tablet version is made of ten app-songs housed within a “mother” app, the album itself. One of the main creators of this wonder –in addition to Björk, of course– is the artist and designer Scott Snibbe , the brain behind OscilloScoop , one of the most recommendable musical software for iPad.

As soon as we start the app, a deep voice (which belongs to David Attenborough) gives the basic coordinates to discover a universe filled with music and nature in which technology helps discover what remained hidden. We are encouraged to listen, learn and create while we travel through the cosmos, touching galaxies with our fingertips.

Outer space is full of lines, luminous beings and tiny bells.

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