BLANKPAPER ONLINE: Study Photography from home

By Joaquín G. Novales. September 3, 2012


September is around the corner and everybody’s faces are starting to change. The days at the beach are over, and so are the late-night feasts and getting out of bed when the sun is high in the sky. Kids in their uniforms spring up wherever you go, carrying rucksacks that could make any dumb-bell jealous while their parents live oppressed by the unbearable ads for superstores, who rub their hands with this post-apocalyptic nightmare. In spite of all, we are all somehow looking forward to September –even though we are ashamed to say it out loud– because this is the month that sees us renovate: we start a diet to forget those late-night feasts, we start a picture card collection or a collectible build-up model, we go jogging after work and we sign up on a course. If right now you are staring at several leaflets and you cannot decide between English, Photoshop or knitting, throw them right away and read carefully.

Photography school BlankPaper has come to the rescue of all those photography lovers who don’t live in Madrid or Valencia. They have prepared an online course (Spanish only) to help you create and develop you own photography project. BlankPaper's teaching method is quite different from most photography schools in the world, since it focuses on the work and on encouraging creation rather than on the technique. Instead of giving you the fish they give you the fishing rod. The course revolves around three objectives: first, Julián Barón, with some of the best Spanish photographers, will be in charge of guiding the students in the choice and development of their personal project. The course also insists on the history of photography, since one of the best ways to learn is studying what has been done by the masters that preceded us. Last, the course encourages the debate among students and teachers and highlights the importance of discussing ideas during the creative process.

In the last few months we have seen how the most important and innovative educational institutions in the world, like Harvard or the M.I.T., are jumping on the technology bandwagon and are opening their knowledge to every corner in the world. And that is what BlankPaper is doing now, with a very complete teaching platform that helps the students get in touch with their teachers. Now you’ll be able to take advantage of their knowledge even if you are a thousand miles away. You will even be able to go to class in your pyjamas, and you won’t be dreaming. Hurry up, the first course starts on the 16th September. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until February.

Although I’ll never admit it, I love September.


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