CHROME WEB LAB: The first web lab connected to the real world

By Isabel Beldad. August 1, 2012


It just seems impossible: you have taken a picture of yourself with your webcam and a few seconds later that same picture is being sketched by a machine in the London Science Museum while three curious passers-by witness the creation of your portrait. You've clicked with your pyjamas on and now a sketchbot is drawing you in a museum.

This is one of the five web experiments that the London Science Museum has launched in collaboration with Google Chrome: a Web Lab that creates exhibition pieces. Five experiments to explore online and to play around with. Five creative platforms to interact with virtual visitors from all over the world.

Each click involves an action from the museum robots. For example, we can play virtual instruments in a universal orchestra connected to other real instruments in the museum. And even collaborate in the improvised symphony of any other online visitor. Also, thanks to the teleporter, with 24-hour cameras installed inside far-away places, we can sneak into a bakery in North Carolina or inside an aquarium in South Africa. Or trace on a map the location of the server that is hosting any image we are looking for.

Once again, the barriers of time and space are broken in favour of interaction. Try them and decide which experiment you prefer; our favourite, the sketchbot, without doubt. 

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