COLLAGIST: Collage withouth scissors or glue

By Isabel Beldad. August 28, 2012


Collage can be the most easy-going technique for those of us who don’t know much about palettes or berets. A thousand simple ways to express our plastic delusions: now I cut, now I paste, now I draw and colour and get a three-headed parrot worthy of Dalí himself.

An art form released from historic canones that gets away from any rule that has to do with the nineteeth-century idea of “the good art”. Those heavy precepts that –who hasn’t experienced it– in many occasions steal us any hint of creativity.

Collage was born –and will never stop– being an experiment in which everything goes: we take elements with a preestablished meaning in order to give them a new one, we add a new clipping and create a new overall meaning... Something similar to what lies behind Duchamp’s ready-made: to make a work of art out of any object for the mere act of choosing it.

Something even easier –no need to use scissors or glue– is what proposes Collagist: an app for iPad in which we can create collages only by combining default images, clippings, backgrounds and fonts. The perfect solution for a birthday card or a thank you note if you are not a great illustrator, since you only need to drag the desired elements to the canvas. You can choose among clippings, cloud backgrounds, letters, friezes, newspaper headlines, flowers, patterns, etcetera. With a little bit of compositive vision, the result can be explosive.


* In case you feel the existing resources are not enough, they announce new samples coming on their page.

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