COLLECTION APP: The Design Museum’s digital collection

By Teresa de Andrés. March 30, 2012


The fact that a museum has a diaper in its collection might need an explanation for many people. The answer, simple, is given by the Founding Director of the Design Museum in London, Stephen Bayley: "The philosophy of functionalism has existed since Plato: this is the idea that a product which does a job well will very likely have other admirable characteristics." A red telephone box, a Polaroid camera, a Singer sewing machine or a Kalashnikov are some of the 59 objects in which we can get lost thanks to Collection App, a free app developed by the Design Museum in London.

Each product, portrayed with several pictures, comes with a text by Stephen Bayley and a video by Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum, which digs into the history of the object, with observations on how it has shaped design and society in general. This app has been developed partially thanks to the donations of visitors and it is a very interesting way to explore a museum’s collection. It will let you explore the designs according to material, time, manufacturer, designer and –of course– colour. The app has just been released for iPad, on the first week of May it will be available for iPhone and a month later for Android.

It is always good news when a museum makes the most of the huge potential of new technologies because, as the Design Museum itself says, “without better design, better use of scarce resources, and more innovation, the future won’t work”.

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