CONCRETE INVENTION: Geometric Abstraction and Neoconcretism as an app

By visualMAG. February 26, 2013


It is a live organism, essentially a living work. A full and existential integration set up by and between it and us (Lygia Clark).

The knowledge at which geometry aims is the knowledge of the eternal (Plato).

Throughout history, many artists have been attracted by the magic of geometry, albeit for different reasons. For some, lines, shapes and colours had no other meaning beyond what they were - eternal allies of 'art for art’s sake'. For others, geometric abstraction served to 'question the very nature of the art object and its place in the world'and enabled them to 'create a real physical relationship between the artwork and the viewer' in many cases with strong social and political connotations. Since the end of January, the Museo Reina Sofía has been celebrating Latin American geometric abstraction with Concrete Invention, which exhibits works produced between the 30’s and 70’s provided by the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros.

To mark the exhibition and increase awareness of it, the iPad app and website Concrete Invention were developed. Both function as digital tools that allow people to get to know the exhibition even if they’re on the other side of the world. The tools therefore serve not only to enrich the visitor’s experience but also to act as an educational instrument for people who can’t get to the museum. For those able to visit the museum in person, there is also an audiovisual guide which can be accessed via mobile phone that features additional content.

The app shies away from chronologically or geographically-organised navigation modes and instead proposes one that is based on connections between the artists’ intentions. Users can explore the relationships between groups, movements and artists through five key intentions: dialogue, universalism, geometry, illusion and vibration. This digital tool functions as an interactive portal for accessing the exhibition’s content and expanding upon it with additional material, related videos and archives such as manifestos and magazines.

From this point on, the concrete invention is not exclusive to the galleries of a museum. This new iPad app and website allow you to fully immerse yourself in geometric abstraction and Neo-concretism, find out about dodecaphonic music or enjoy the works of artists such as Joaquín Torres-GarcíaLygia Clark or Hélio Oiticica up-close. The exhibition continues from the comfort of your own home.

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