FOLDIFY: 'Create, print, fold'

By Cristina Álvarez Cañas. December 13, 2012


One of the advantages of new technologies is how they democratize the artistic talent of the common people. We don’t have to be blessed, even the slightest, with the gift of Velázquez, Leonardo or Michelangelo to put our drawing potential to the test and pass with flying colours. This is what seems to be avowed by the new app  Foldify. 'Create, print, fold', that’s the motto of this new toy –literally– for iPad users which is now available from the Apple store.

The team behind this dream toy for kids, small and big alike, is Pixle. These Polish developers, based in Warsaw, are specialized in the creation of software for mobile telephones and UI design.

Foldify proposes the creation of 3D paper figures with the help of several templates, with a total of ten to choose from. We can design on the screen and then physically build almost any figure we can think of. From a house to a bus or a superhero; or we can simply add an abstract and personal stroke to our preferred geometrical figure. There are no limits if the imagination of the creator who gets down to work doesn’t have any of its own.

The creative experience also includes adding colour –which we choose from an amazingly broad range of virtual pigments– and giving life to that figure. A moustache like Buffalo Bill, Groucho Marx, Cantinflas, Dalí... Bulgy eyes, surprised, scared… Sunglasses, intellectual specs, glasses for fashionistas… It's like a digital version of Mr Potato. The best is that, once we have finished our creation, we can share it on Facebook and Twitter and enjoy a 3D preview before we print it in full colour directly from our iPad.

The last step is to assemble the figure. And since accessibility and simplicity are the most noteworthy characteristics of this app, all we have to do is fold the flaps along the dotted line. Foldify’s launch price will be 1.99 dollars (1.50 euros approx.), but only for a limited time. Users will also be able to create their own Foldify community in order to show their creativity online.

No more excuses to stop us from creating some of the Christmas presents ourselves.


Foldify from Pixle on Vimeo.

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