GIMME BAR: Save the Web

January 26, 2012


Everyday, you surely leave a bunch of tabs open in your browser determined to read them later but you always forget to go back to them. Your bookmarks bar has long ago become a panic room and every single second you keep discovering something cool and new on the Internet that you would love to keep forever. Well, you are not alone.

The guys at Fictive Kin (their FAQ are amongst the best things that we have read lately) have landed on Earth, attracted by our cries for help. With Gimme Bar they have made our lives brighter and healthier. It is a simple and beautiful application that allows you to create a virtual library out of full webpages, texts, pics or videos. You can also organize them in collections, assign tags, write notes or store everything in Dropbox. You can even follow other people, discover their collections and share yours with them. And if that isn’t enough for you (really, it isn't?) you can make backups of your Instagram, Twitter, Delicious and Pinboard accounts and transfer them to your Gimme Bar library. You just need to install a plug-in on your computer and add the Gimme+ button to your browser.

Don't get it wrong: This is not about bookmarks, this is actual content. And it’s yours forever.

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