Journey to the inside of a digital art gallery

By Cristina Álvarez Cañas. May 28, 2013


Art might be an ethereal and intangible manifestation. A felling and an emotion perceived without a physical object. Internet gives you multiple choices to buy artworks through online galleries which sell hidden treasures of both well-known and emerging artists. Their philosophy is to end with the tyranny of the market and that allows every one of us, if we search thoroughly in their collections, to purchase a unique artwork.

 This is the platform of reference for those who are truly interested in buying contemporary art through the Internet. The Paddle8 online auction house – which has a broad work team operating in art, design, business and technology – works by holding its own bi-monthly auctions, as well as auctions organised in collaboration with charitable institutions. In both cases, the acquisition price is reduced thanks to the absence of intermediaries and, in the latter case, you can save on travel costs and the price of entrance tickets to the best exhibits.

Saatchi Online. This art sales channel is the online extension of the prestigious London gallery by the same name. It certainly has its advantages, but not its inconveniences. The platform is aimed at artists who organise their own work and set the prices, as well as at buyers (both first-timers and experienced), who are guaranteed an equally meticulous curatorial process and flawless delivery of the artwork to anywhere on the planet.

ArtSpace. A very complete and useful site, ArtSpace is a veritable ocean of art in which you can delve for hours without getting bored. Its great talent is in offering a wide variety of options to advise the buyer before he makes his final choice thanks to different categories: ‘artist’, ‘fair’, ‘curator’, ‘gift guides’ and different 'advisers' in the art world. There’s a lot to see here, and it’s very good. The hard part is to make mistakes!

Artolo. In the middle of a phase of transformation and improvement, Artolo is announcing a new version of its digital gallery for this summer. Whilst we wait for these new developments, Artolo’s fresh, different and very open approach attracts all those who believe that you can have an art gallery anywhere - because works of art themselves can be found anywhere. Its intention is to break down traditional market barriers and inspire hesitant buyers who view the rigidity of the past as an obstacle. If we enjoy buying books or music, why not a work of art?

Gunter Gallery. Despite its German name, Gunter Gallery is the only Spanish representative in this short selection; it’s actually the first one we got to know. Gunter Gallery was born in 2012, and there are three very creative brains behind it: Marta Fernández, Mario Suárez and Amalio Gaitero. These three presented the project concept through a video where they put people on the street to the test as regards a contemporary work of art. Answers to suit every taste. Thanks to its support, many young Spanish artists such as Ricardo Cavolo, Iván Solbes, Santiago Morilla and Carla Fuentes now have a window that is more open towards the general public. And best of all: prices for all budgets.


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