MARKUP.IO: An Almost Perfect Blackboard

By Belén Kayser. February 29, 2012


For those of us who work by surfing the web and sharing afterwards, Markup is a truly practical tool. Before its launch –a year ago–, whenever we wanted to judge online contents or designs we had to take screenshots and write our opinions on a piece of paper or a text editor. But with Markup we can avoid that step: we can add notes and underline any website as with any book or catalogue with paper pages and as if that something we would like to remember could stay forever.

As any content-saving page, like Pinterest, Gimme Bar or Instapaper, Markup works by dragging the Markup icon into the bookmarks bar. After highlighting what you don’t want to forget, you generate a link with a copy of the site and your notes. This tool is really easy if you want to turn your browser into a blackboard, but there are a few buts that make it lose the leader position. The most noteworthy is that it saves a copy of the page, but it really is a screenshot with no links. Something else worth mentioning is that Markup does not allow to save your pages under a profile or to share your blackboard in social networks. We hope that the Markup team considers these suggestions to add them in a future redesign.

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