By Teresa de Andrés. April 19, 2012


Punch! is an App for iPad hard to classify. It is, above all, humour, satire and entertainment; that must be the reason why “Make Fun” is their leitmotiv. It has been designed exclusively for the coveted tablet by Apple and, unlike other publications –Punch! could take over from the satirical magazines of our days–, their contents wouldn’t make sense in any other device.

Freshly launched a few days ago, Punch! works as a “mother” app that encircles other smaller ones. For their launch they have included ten: from “Visit North Korea", where different creatives make up designs for the fictitious North Korean Tourism Board, to "Hedge Fund or Organic Farm", a game that tests our ability to distinguish high-risk hedge funds from organic food farms only from their names (you would be surprised to know the amount of hedge funds that include words such as tree, woods, water, mountain, summer or spring in their names). Without forgetting our favourite, "Despots on the Record, Dictators Take a Stab at Song", where presidents such as Putin, Berlusconi, Musharraf or Imelda Marcos delight us with their singing talents.

Punch! can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store: their creators aim to make a profit through traditional advertising and product placement. While this new model starts to take shape, we’ll wait reading about overprotective parents who prepare for the apocalypse.

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