THE APP FEST: 5 creative apps, 5 recipes for success

By Teresa de Andrés. April 25, 2012


Last week Madrid hosted The App Fest, a festival devoted to the –so modern and shiny– world of apps. In a display of resources more typical of the times of bread and circuses, the stage of the Price Theatre in Madrid saw designers, creatives, programmers and app creators. These were our favourite five presentations (with their own five recipes for success, of course).


With a distinctive accent from La Pampa, Marcos Weskamp  said that “there is nothing better than arriving in a mysterious place, a place that suddenly seems another planet” and that “something they never taught us when we studied design was how to forget everything we had learned”. This Argentinian told us, in a poetic way, his experience as Flipboard ’s chief designer, the famous app to read on your iPad or iPhone what is published in all social networks as if it were a magazine. Named by Apple the best app for iPad in 2010 and one of the best 50 innovations by TIME magazine, Flipboard relies on a team of designers and developers that, according to Weskamp, never gives up and always finds the way to continue. Recipe for success number 1*.


The Holladay brothers’ musical project sets a soundtrack to our lives. Pioneers of location-aware music, they have released three app-albums that add sounds and music to spaces like The National Mall in Washington D.C., Central Park in New York or the grounds of the South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. The Bluebrain creators don’t forget that apps wouldn‘t make much sense without the analogue world that surrounds them. Recipe for success number 2*.


Innovalley is a startup that develops intelligent clothes that interact with mobiles and apps. They work, for example, in the design of sweaters that display the music you are listening to or shoes with a GPS system that aim to improve the interaction with our cities. Its creator, Xavier Verdaguer, has earned the title of entrepreneur the hard way, after setting up six technology enterprises in Spain and another three in Silicon Valley. Because you must always learn and be able to find opportunities where others only see problems. Recipe for success number 3*.


Youzee is a young Spanish company devoted to video on demand, in charge of taking to Spanish screens the highest number of series and films with a subscription and hire system through Internet. Conscious of the fact that gaps are filled with actions like these –almost heroic–, in December 2010 a group with two different profiles decided to create Youzee: film experts and technology experts. When they got together they realized the great opportunity that opened before them, together with the importance of being before and above all, cinema lovers. You must always be your best audience. Recipe for success number 4*.

Angry Words

Telephones all over the world are filled with tiles with vowels and consonants, of boards with double words, triple letters, triple words and double letters. Angry Words puts our language command to the test, playing against friends, enemies or perfect strangers; never a soulless computer. The successful word puzzle from Argentina has been for some time now the world’s most popular app. For his creator, Máximo Cavazzani, content expires but social is endless. Recipe for success number 5*.

* Success: aim for the infinite.

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