TOGETHER APP: A close look into the animal universe

By visualMAG. January 23, 2013


Which trait distinguishes elephants? What is the main characteristic that differentiates tigers? What makes us different from them? What doesn’t? These are some of the questions and curiosities that the new app by WWF provides answers to. It’s one way of getting closer to the animal world, albeit virtually, if travelling to the African savannah or the Australian coast in search of sea turtles proves a little difficult.

, as the app is called, comes with a whole host of images captured by photographer Morten Koldby as well as high-definition videos that allow us to explore the peculiarities of eight different kinds of animals: sea turtles, whales, panda bears, polar bears, tigers, elephants, leopards and bison. Each animal series, to which more will gradually be added, is provided separately so that you can choose which animal you prefer to learn more about virtually.

The fantastic and intuitive design by Studio AKQA also lets you print origami templates to make a physical replica of your favourite species, using recycled or, even better, reused paper if you want to care for the environment as encouraged by WWF. Before all that though, using the 3D approximation of each figure, you can work out how far away that animal is from you in real life as well as many of the characteristics that enable it to live in its natural habitat.

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