USB TYPEWRITER: the old and the new

December 29, 2011


Those of us who suffer from permanent nostalgia are in luck: we can at last jump on the bandwagon of modern times with no fear of being expelled if our little secret is discovered. And we won’t need to throw away that machine that we love so much and which “is no longer useful”. The USBTypewriter  is exactly what promises to be: a connection system that allows using your old typewriter as a keyboard for PC, Mac or iPad. Isn’t it great?

You can buy a DIY kit (they say it is easy to install, in spite of the display of elements) or, if you have a lot of money and a desire to get yesteryear back, a typewriter with all its pieces already assembled, ready to type that novel you never finish because you miss that romantic clickety-clack sound.

Welcome to the retrofuture, my friends.

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