WWCD: Is the question the key?

By Pablo Medel. March 12, 2012


In the nineties there was a board game that delighted all kids. It was called “Ask Zandar”. An innocent hand would hover over a crystal ball and the magician locked inside would speak and predict the future. This game does not exist anymore and wouldn’t have many buyers anyway. Its postmodern version, give or take, is a free app for iPhone called WWCD. All you have to do is ask a question, shake your phone and you will get words of advice from the 20th century Merlin: Steve Jobs.

The thing is that PUM! –the creators of this app– launched this project a few weeks before the death of Apple’s ideologist. Forecasting his media ending –biography, debates, articles and opposing views–, what they offer today is something original and, especially, fun: the key to all apps of this kind.

Any doubts you may have about a complicated decision at work, you will find yours answers here. And, fate may have it, one of them could be useful. And if not, you can have a laugh –which, taking into account the state of current affairs is really necessary–. There all kinds of replies: for tough decisions ("Go for it!”), for the impatient (“You will have to wait.”) or to make you think (“I have my doubts.”). There are also philosophical replies (“You have to trust in something –your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”) or, of course, the typical (“Good artist copy; great artist steal.”).

And, inevitably, we will have to finish this text with a question in real time:
- Steve, god exists?
(We shake)
- Better not tell you now. 

Item added!

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