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ALTERNATIVE ADVENT: Christmas in videos

December 25, 2011


Life is so much easier now that we can access all kinds of lists over the Internet: concert agendas, music selections, shopping lists, and even novels by instalments. Who could have guessed that an audiovisual calendar would liven up so much this holiday season.

David Wilson is twenty-six years old, he was born in York (UK) and, although his name is very common, he certainly doesn’t do common things. He has won many awards and has filmed great music videos for a few bands. As a Christmas task, from the 1st to the 25th December, he has devised a sort of alternative advent calendar [] where he has published twenty-five videos, one per day of 30 seconds to two minutes, created from ideas and visual concepts that he had forgotten somewhere in his computer (or in his mind). In them we can see videos ranging from a woman ironing her face to the making process of an egg shampoo, as well as hands of disturbing colours and cadaverous fruit bowls. The music that goes with each video is the work of well-known musicians such as Caribou, Little Boots, Battles, We Have Band, and many more.

To get an idea of what Wilson has put together, all we need to say is that, for the last video, published the 25th December, he covers Virgin Mary with honey, cream and cake toppings while Spiritualized covers Silent Night.

Definitively, Internet shall set us free.

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