CREATIVE MORNINGS: Ideas for Breakfast

February 16, 2012


There’s something about virtual relations that makes us need them so much. It could have something to do with the fact that behind a computer there is (almost) always a human being with a face, hands and bones. And the thing is that now that we all have our namesake in bits and bytes, there are many initiatives that encourage the flesh and bones encounters. Creative Mornings is probably one of the most ambitious and complete of them all.  

Tina Roth Eisenberg swissmiss, Tattly– decided to created CM, open and free, because she didn’t like the exclusive and unapproachable character of most of the conferences she attended.  One Friday every month, creative professionals gather in front of a coffee, in a morning of meetings where one of the guests gives a 20-minute talk followed by a debate for another 20 minutes. All sessions are available on CM’s vimeo channel and include talks by Beeker Northman (Dentsu London), Milton Glaser or Ben Chestnut (Mailchimp), although the list is endless.

During the first Creative Mornings in 2009, nobody could imagine that the project would become what it is now, a network in which participate creatives from more than 20 cities all around the world, specially North American and European (anywhere in Spain yet). Fortunately, the critics got it wrong when they asserted that any Newyorker would show up at 8.30 am to talk about their job.

So, there is nothing to worry about: it doesn’t matter how virtual everything becomes, breakfast will always be fashionable.

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