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EVERYTHING IS A REMIX: Copy and Creation

February 20, 2012


Kirby Ferguson has just published on the Internet the last video of Everything is a Remix; a four-part documentary that defends that creation arises from copies and transformation. The first part, "The Song Remains the Same", revolves around music, with Led Zeppelin and samples as case studies. The second, “Remix, Inc.”, focuses on Tarantino’s and George Lucas’ films; while the third, "The Elements of Creativity", attacks the myth of creation coming from luck or chance or divine inspiration, an idea deeply rooted in the social imaginary.

This last video, "System Failure", ends the series showing how networks are essential for this process, since they clearly display the connections that creation and copy have always shown. Ferguson criticises the protection of ideas as property, especially when they hinder creation and social advances. He reminds us that the original spirit behind these laws is, precisely, to encourage inventions, not to block them.

We are romantic and we are reluctant to accept that it is all a combination of existing creations, that nothing starts being original and that only when we have learned what is essential from the copy we can create through transformation. Let’s accept it: other names would have replaced those of the great inventors of the most surprising advances if these hadn’t existed. We all build with the same materials and in most cases the materialization of an invention is inevitable: it’s what we call multiple discovery.

Because, as Isaac Newton said, "we stand on the shoulders of giants". Although, of course, he also borrowed this quote.

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