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FILE SCREENINGS: Videos Chosen By ...

February 8, 2012


In these digital cities we breakfast every morning on cameras and screens. Terraces and trampolines are crowded with curious humans and animals with a lens over their shoulder, ready to immortalize the new decisive moment (it doesn’t have to be an instant anymore, it can last as long as the space left in the memory card).
Video is something like the new photography, one of those formats encouraged by small screens predicted with a promising and brilliant future. It induces a slow and deliberate contemplation that counteracts the necessary rhythm of those fast and anxious clicks to which we are now used to. Internet is information, is speed, is infinite movement.

A few days ago the sixth and latest edition of FILE Screenings, by Trevor Jackson, was released. These projects, in which renowned creatives curate lists with their favourite videos, are more and more common. In this case, the London-based magazine FILE is not happy only with editing a paper publication once a year, but is also concerned with making its contents take a leap into the screens, enriching the experience of the readers-users.

Each FILE Screenings edition has a different character that almost every time has managed to surprise us: there are serious screenings (very serious), sinister or “just” fun. Although they all have something, for now none of them has managed to beat our favourite, the one curated by the great Sean Pecknold (OMG, BFF, LOL – those who see it will know what we mean).

We are born, we live and we die in front or behind a camera, on this or that side of the screen.

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