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FLEET FOXES: The shrine/An argument

December 24, 2011


The phrase “it’s all in the family” suits to perfection this audiovisual story that gathers some of our favourite things for the longest song (technically it’s two songs: The Shrine and An Argument) from Helplessness Blues, the second LP of these bearded men with woollen hats that form Fleet Foxes. Those things are, and not necessarily in this order, voice harmonies, animals and scorching suns.

Sean Pecknold, brother of the band’s lead singer, Robin Pecknold, and head of the Grandchildren studio, signs this animation video that narrates the odyssey of a truthful antelope. The majestic animal makes us think about strength and fragility at the same time; about an accentuated life. The eldest Pecknold creates a universe of impossible monsters in which we follow the hero in his fight for survival: we see him turning from predator to victim in only eight minutes. In the end, we witness how he is torn to pieces by a two-headed sea dragon, a fight synchronized with the out of tune and distorted saxophone solo that ends the song.

There are trees full of green apples. And they belong only to us. 

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