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iamamiwhoami: marketing, enigmas and art

By Marta Díaz. April 26, 2012


On the 11th of June, under the name of Kin, iamamiwhoami will release their long-awaited audiovisual album. It’s the perfect finale for a music project that has been all around the world mostly thanks to a more than powerful viral marketing campaign. Their name in Google shows almost a million results.

It all kick-started on the 4th of December 2009, when the first video was uploaded to Youtube and sent to a few music bloggers and journalists. A few more followed, with impeccable register and joined together by the same storyline. The first, with a number as title and of very short duration, set out the project’s tones and left the spectator with a series of questions. The following videos, with only one letter as title, were longer pieces that worked as singles. Each one was consolidating a meticulous visual imagery filled with symbols.

The mystery that surrounded the release of those pieces and their authorship, the quality of the compositions and, above all, the aesthetic universe recreated in the videos, managed to attract the attention of the media and admirers for months. Nobody knew who to thank for such a great discovery and everybody waited eagerly for the next release: who was the mysterious blonde woman with immeasurable eyelashes staring in those evocative videos? Much was said then and all kinds of names were mentioned, from Björk to Goldfrapp, including Christina Aguilera. On the most important forums on the Internet, followers of all these artists showed evidence to defend the authorship of the project. In August 2011, the mystery was finally solved: Jonna Lee, a Swedish singer with three albums already published, was behind what had been the musical conversation topic of the year.

The 11th of June we will confirm if all the expectation that iamamiwhoami has created throughout these two years and a half has or has not been worth it. Sure enough, the standards have been set very high.

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