MADE BY HAND: Producers and Artisans

By Teresa de Andrés. March 5, 2012


Some vocations –like words– are in risk of disappearing under the unstoppable and heartless mechanization of these modes of production that accelerate everything towards a future of uncertain progress. Against this kind of oblivion fights Joel Bukiewicz, a writer and cutler living in Brooklyn. Or Brad Estabrooke, founder of a gin distillery, who nobody took seriously before he embarked on his business, created independently, by hand and from scratch. For many, he was just a man alone in an empty room.

The Made by Hand series started 6 months ago by the heat of these personal micro-revolutions. The promoter of these short films, Keith Ehrlich –from the film and digital content studio Bureau of Common Goods– aims to support the local and sustainable production, encouraged by a deep passion for everything that’s handcrafted. Made by Hand wants to change the way we relate with the products we consume by describing the stories they hide.

The third video of the series was released a few days ago, starring the beekeeper Megan Paska, who produces handicraft honey in a Brooklyn rooftop. In the next chapter we will see Jesus Martinez, a Dominican cigar maker who keeps up the business his father started in 1974.

Each day there are more and more people who demand the use of the hands to shape the objects that fill the world. And who also fight for the persistence of words.

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