NETWORK AWESOME: TV ain’t what it used to be

By Amanda García Martín. June 8, 2012


After many hours spent installing the network, the men invited us to sit and asked me to look for anything I wanted. Like what? Anything you want (those days nobody called me madam). Like what? Whatever. And something will come up about whatever I enter? Yes. Well, I can’ think of anything. I can’t remember what the first magna search was, but I know we waited for several minutes, surrounded by strange noises until –finally– lists of confusing words appeared. I didn’t understand anything just then, yet I was sure it was the best invention of the century, still not knowing much about the rest, still not knowing how to search for anything.

A few years later I have even had arguments on the relevance of archives and potatoes. Always using a serious tone, looking to revolutionize the world of ideas without achieving much. Archives and Internet exceed my comprehension abilities and I think yours too. It is inconceivable for me that we are aware about everything we could do with such tools, but we argue as much as we can. The idea of a complete archive is as impossible as the idea of covering all the possibilities of the Internet.

So, we should feel lucky when somebody sets to the task of selecting something in the midst of everything. The problem is that the selections are sometimes as long as the time we have to research them. Network Awesome’s concern is to get rid of the useless: with clips from videos found on the Internet they create “television” programmes crammed with content. They have improved television, any archive and the search methods of the network itself. An incredible variety of topics set before you, all relevant, gathered for you to press play and enjoy, especially if you are an eighties fan.

Network Awesome achieved the impossible starting from the boundless, achieving more than what my arguments have been able to cover. And the best of all is that those of us who have endlessly argued about the topic can get involved by sending our own very best of editions; only if we have enough time to watch the programmes on the site, do our own work and, of course, edit our own information proposal for the world.

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