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RANDOM ACTS: the inconvenient TV

January 24, 2012


Television will go down in history as one of the most relevant inventions of the 20th century. It will probably be also known for being the media for which everybody had a master plan; too bad that only a few knew how to actually carry it out. Our experience tells us that many things become interesting only when they are about to be extinguished. That's why we shouldn't lose sight of the unexpected brought by the small screen.

Starting in October 2011 and for a whole year, Random Acts short videos will be on air on Channel 4. The project has been impelled by the channel together with a group of creatives and cultural institutions including The Saatchi Gallery, Frieze, Vice or Tate Media. Once shown on TV, they can be found at the program webpage. Although difficult to classify, these videos revolve around the idea of television as art and surprise, as a place for the inappropriate. Random Acts is a face covered in chocolate, a thinking egg that questions beginnings, an apple poem or a reflection on love seen through a sculpture made of jelly.

Random Acts is the interruption we have been longing for so badly.

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