Arquitectura ContemporáneaSOLIPSIST, ANDREW HUANG: Videoart At Its FinesEl Croquis


By Marta Díaz. March 22, 2012


Andrew Huang is a genius with a colossal talent. His latest short film, Solipsist, is an exquisite work of art of only ten minutes; one of those videos that entraps you while you hold your breath. Each viewing is a pleasure, an ultrasensory delight, an aesthetic experience filled with colour that you cannot stop trying over and over again. The film has just won Slamdance’s special jury prize for experimental short film, a more than deserved recognition.

Solipsist is inspired by the philosophical idea of solipsism, which, roughly speaking, proposes that the only existence we can prove is that of the mind. Through three episodes, Huang takes the spectator to an oneiric universe where consciousness and unconsciousness, reality and dreams, unity and multiplicity, are blended together.

And so it is. The film imagines a world where living beings are not limited by a single experience. That is why its characters converge in other entities in a surreal way by unifying mind and body: dancers who fuse with nature, underwater puppets who come to life and a man who encounters himself, explodes and disintegrates. That is how Huang recreates this unique, hypnotic and oneiric audiovisual experience: a blast of fantasy, psychedelia and colour.

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