By Teresa de Andrés. June 12, 2012


Aitor Saraiba’s delicate drawings hide many secrets. Imprinted on paper, skin or ceramics, they heal and hurt like a chunk of ice. Like that scene in Twin Peaks with a group of men who sing and dance to hide the dark hole in the middle of everything. Or like the legionnaire's son, who looks away so his own melancholy doesn’t devour him. During the trip, across an earth lane, there will be animals, heavy metal idols, dead ponies and kids with their hearts about to burst.

Madonna, Laura Palmer, Metallica and Bambi coexist in the five videos that Aitor chooses for us, while a CD plays on the stereo with the greatest hits of Black Metal:

I saw this film when I was 15. It has been my favourite ever since. I remember that a few years later a cinema “expert” told me: “you like that film because you have no idea about cinema and have no references". As years have gone by, I confirmed that it was him who knew nothing about cinema –as I had correctly guessed. This scene is one of my favourites; nobody has ever used Madonna so cleverly.


Laura Palmer is one of my spiritual icons and this scene is one of the best filmed poems.


This documentary is for people who don’t know a thing about Black Metal and still like to talk about music.


This is the best live concert I have ever seen on video, you can watch the whole concert on Youtube, but this song has everything. The helicopters, the country, the policemen, the truncheons, the audience, Metallica, 1991... EVERYTHING.


This scene from Bambi has been my inspiration for as long as I can remember.

Aitor Saraiba draws and lives wherever he can.

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