By Anne-Laure Boyer | Intro: Garbiñe Jaurrieta. July 24, 2012


The space of an area, physics equations aside, is fifty per cent the materials that shape it, its architecture, and fifty per cent the people who inhabit and personalize it. In other cases, this other subjective fifty per cent is defined by neglect. This inaccurate affirmation reminds me of Jose Luis Guerín’s film En Construcción (Work in progress) and of the present-day: that of reconstructions, dormitory towns and state-subsidized housing; of the Spain of the get-rich-quick, Bigas Luna’s Huevos de Oro and the decrees for the protection of its coastlines. In short, of how four concrete walls are capable of "changing" according to who inhabits them, or how the same space can change its personality, its "aura", according to the architectural elements placed within it.

But this idea takes me, especially, to the work by the French Anne-Laure Boyer. Video-artist and photographer, she has devoted all her efforts and work to study precisely that synergy: space and urban transformation, the architectonic speech that establishes the time-space.

Now that the real estate bubble has burst and the Higgs Boson seems to transform molecular physics and what we know about the origin of matter, Anne-Laure Boyer has selected some videos for visualMAG in which she poses this relationship between nature and human creation. It couldn’t be better timed.

With my choice of videos I propose a combination of looks upon science and art. Through them we can see how the energies of life are created, the exit and falling circle in which everything is related. Everything is a circle where the energies of life are never lost. This video selection suggests the observation of these phenomena, both in the spontaneous forces of nature and in those built by human beings.

Une ligne
(One line) by Boris Nord


Victoria, George, Edward and Thatcher (extract) by Callum Cooper


LUIS by Niles Atallah, Cristobal Leon and Joaquin Cociña


Life - Timelapse of swarming monster worms and sea stars, BBC One


Dimensions of Dialogue by Jan Švankmajer


COMBO by Blu and David Ellis 


Cordyceps Fungus, BBC Planet Earth


Birds of Paradise, BBC Natural World's


Murmuration by Sophie Windsor Clive and Liberty Smith


Sayat Nova: The color of pomegranat (extract) by Sergeï Paradjanov

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