By El Colmillo de Morsa | Intro: Teresa de Andrés. June 19, 2012


Beauty takes infinite shapes: it can nest inside a lighthouse hidden behind the last turn of the road, in Adam’s rib or the Bermuda Triangle, or the roads of opuntia. The couple of young designers that make El Colmillo de Morsa (The Walrus Tusk) know this and they put it into practice in each of their collections. In them they fuse the organic and the handcrafted, the traditional and the modern.

Jordi Espino and Elisabet Vallecillo have chosen for us these videos in which beauty, with its infinite shapes, breaks down in small geometric pieces made of clay and rocks, like a kaleidoscope of landscapes and sea creatures. 

Mint Julep >>To the sea<<

It’s one of our thoughts on the passing of time, on not doing anything and doing something at the same time. Those Sundays getting up late, wrapped up in our duvet all day, reading something, eating non-stop, being so bored that you end up doing all sorts of absurd stuff.

Justin Peck and Janie Taylor, The Block Magazine

It is pure human beauty. The tension of the bodies, the harmony of the feminine and masculine bodies, the human rationality. It's a simple and delicate video, where the spread of the fabrics transmits that gentleness that our label tries to express.

Strata #3 -  Excerpt

It’s a reflection on the classic and the modern, on construction and deconstruction, geometry and naturalness, constant mainstays of our work.

WhoMadeWho "Inside World"

This is our reflection on society and beauty.

Rat vs Possum "Fat Monk"

This is our idea of happiness, harmony, team. That's what it's like every day in our studio: happiness, friendship and harmony to achieve a good result!

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