By Las Coleccionistas | Intro: Teresa de Andrés. July 10, 2012


Las Coleccionistas (The Collectors) invent, write and collect. They weave halides and bytes of seasons, animal silhouettes and vital organs; impossible voyages to cities from the North. They take pictures of what is left on our return, with earth in the pockets from another space, from another time. They take pictures closer, slower. Like repeated gestures of two women with their backs turned.

They are unsolved crimes, planned darkness, exquisite corpses. They are parties with pina colada and double-thread rockets. That’s the precise moment when they plan trips to Urt, to that house at the end of the region, where the blonde girl moves glasses with her mind, surrounded in light, mites and dust. Like the end of a Russian film.

They have chosen for us 10+1 videos (although they had to leave out Aki Kaurismaki, Yorgos Lanthimos and so many…):


Sedmikrásky by Věra Chytilová (1966)

Sedmikrásky is a satiric, brutal and irreverent story of the rebellion of two girls, told through a sequence of “happenings” that revolve around a verbal exchange. "Vadi?" (Does it mind?), "Nevadi" (No it doesn’t). If everything is going bad in this world, we will also go bad.


Baisers volés by François Truffaut (1968)

Intense. To try to understand the essence through the repetition of key elements. Like when you say a word so many times that it loses its meaning. Why am I myself and not you?


The Perfect Human by Jorgen Leth (1967)

This short film is great from beginning to end. It portrays the perfect human! Admire how he snaps his fingers, how wonderful!


Repulsión by Roman Polanski (1965)

A sublime scene with the great Catherine Deneuve.

Suspiria by Dario Argento (1977)

An exquisite murder.

Arte para el hombre (Art for mankind) - Jorge Oteiza

A new kid!

Arte para el hombre (Art for mankind) - Jorge Oteiza

To celebrate the anniversary of the Dada movement in Zurich a group of people dressed up in a camouflage gillie suit and set themselves to clean an office of the UBS bank. Occupy the banks!


Major Lazer - Original Don ft. The Partysquad

We can’t forget videos with choreographies. The first one introduces Kyle Frere. She lives with her grandmother in Chicago and in the afternoons she likes to dance with machetes and katanas and eat sandwiches.


CITIZENS! - True Romance 

We would watch the second one until the end of times. Dancers and choreographies like these shed light upon the shadows of mankind.

Special Agent Dale Cooper

In the height of series, an anecdote from Twin Peaks that we repeat ad nauseam laughing our heads off. Had it been arranged?


Happy Birthday David (Prometheus Viral)

And to end this list, in the anniversary of Blade Runner, a viral video for Ridley Scott’s latest film, still to be premiered. Technological · Intellectual · Physical · Emotional

Las Coleccionistas take pictures, film videos, curate exhibitions and handmade jewellery of fine offal. They live in Barcelona.

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