By Rafafans | Intro: Isabel Beldad. July 31, 2012


Rafafans has a brownish cat and instead of eyes two open windows through which nothing goes unnoticed. Not even a sparrow, a dry leaf or a neighbour hanging the clothes out to dry. What he doesn't cut out for you he narrates and what he doesn’t, he keeps in the inspiration chest to make use of it later. A combination of techniques and textures, photography, nature, sketches, mouths, hair, antique ladies, flowers.

For those of us who are fans of Rafafans, his name is like a hallmark that guarantees that whatever he does, it will be good. A sponge woman “how pretty”, locks with legs “wow”, the artwork for Electrelane’s single “no way”, that the UN is useless “it’s true”.

Amongst collages, curated exhibitions, identity designs and fanzines, there is little left for him to do, but what he surely hasn't done until today is to choose a selection of videos that captivate him.



This list of videos is a summary of the images that inspire me for some reason; some even read your mind sometimes. Music, textures and even lessons: 

"Manananggal" HALO HALO


Neighbours, Norman McLaren (short film)


Orfeu negro, Marcel Camus (final scene)


"Oh cherry, cherry" Chiquita y Chatarra


"The Drug" Royksopp




"Pensiero Stupendo" Patty Pravo


Small Hands, Keaton Henson


"We Are Water" HEALTH

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