By Ricardo Cavolo | Intro: Elia Maqueda. July 3, 2012


Welcome to the world. Today, here, everything is a copy or a reproduction –clear, translucent and opaque, it depends on who defines it and from which angle. That is why, and for many other reasons including fire, the circus and travelling caravans, Ricardo Cavolo gains strength amongst the weak. Because the world, this world, needs more thorns tattooed on the dermis, more hearts in flames and dazzling colours. More authentic people who are not afraid of the primary abyss.

Ricardo Cavolo brings us a selection of eight videos filled with strength, ancestral ethnic groups, grass and secret codes. And with people who believe in what they do, which should be sine qua non for everyone who wants to do something.


Johnny Cash is my musical engine and in many occasions my example to follow as vital project. This man believed in what he did and fought for it until the end. And in spite of very hard rough patches in his life, he was able to overcome them and created true hymns until his last days. And, for me, he is the pinnacle of music.


The Mark of Cain is a documentary on Russian prisoners and their own world of tattoos and codes. This topic is one of the foundations of my work and it has helped me develop many ideas from this realm.


Football. One of my greatest passions. While I work, I watch football matches from all over the world. It might sound a bit bold but I think that in football (the game itself, not all the crap that surrounds it) is another kind of art. In another life I wouldn’t have mind making a living from football, not as a player but rather from its technical side.


The Outsider Art is my main source of inspiration and pleasure in art. This is the kind of works that I enjoy the most and I also feel the deepest respect for all these anonymous artists. I dream with the day when I’m doing so well that I can focus on artists with those characteristics, and be able to create projects to make a name for them and also collaborate with many of them.


The primitive blues is one of my favourite music genres… It’s like the oil I need to grease my engine... I listen to these people and a thousand things I need to draw come to my mind... These bluesmen are the devil’s ambassadors on Earth and they teach us what the spice of life is.


This one is not so much as for the film itself (which it also is), but because it portrays a part of the North American society that obsesses me. That B-side of the USA, filled with people who live outside everything, on the outskirts of official life... The deepest America is something that captures me completely.


Gypsies are another of my most important references… I have lived with them for some time and I have learned many things from them. I also have a great fascination for their culture and their survival capacity. They represent that other life that I so much like to observe, outside everything "normal", aside from everything and everybody.



And I end this with a band that also says a lot of the music I need… The White Stripes are like the fire I draw in my work, they are straightforward energy, something I also need in my life... I like things as a short and fierce Stripes’ song: clear, concise, direct and powerful...

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